Cleveland Heights High School

This program will educate and prepare the students for a career in digital video production. Students will be exposed to broadcast journalism and digital cinema. Scholars will have an opportunity to experience hands-on learning with camera equipment and cutting edge Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. They will also have opportunities to earn college credits.

Skills and Traits Necessary for Success:

  • Read and comprehend directions
  • Apply academic information to practical skills
  • Effectively communicate verbally and in writing
  • Works well independently and in groups
  • Accepts critique from staff and students
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Hard working and self-motivated
  • Willingness to learn

Professional Pathway:

  • Videographer/Editor
  • News Anchor/Reporter
  • Writer/Producer
  • Production Assistant

College Credit Opportunities:

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Earn college credits
  • Credit will transfer to any state school

Industry Opportunities:

  • PBS TV Student Reporting Lab opportunities
  • Submissions to film festivals and other production contests

Club Affiliation:

Opportunity to join SkillsUSA


Cynthia Booker, Bachelor of Arts/Communication Arts – M.Ed/Workforce Education & Development
Two-time Emmy Award-winning Journalist

Two Year Program:

Grade 11:
Business of Arts & Communications
Video Production

Grade 12:
Video Broadcast
Digital Cinema